Keeping Yourself Safe While Cleaning

By | September 3, 2021

It is important that you keep yourself safe when you clean or even enter into a strange environment. As we have all learned is that an illness or disease can pop up anywhere at any time. If you work for a janitorial services in Cincinnati company or any other business involved with cleaning, you want to wear protection and do tasks in a safe way.

Wear gloves

The first thing that you want to do is wear gloves. There are different types of gloves but you should always wear some kind of protection. The most important areas that people want to protect is their hands and face when they go about cleaning. There are lots of harmful things in the environment especially if you work in commercial settings like restaurants and places with lots of customers. So wear a pair of disposable gloves that are tougher than the regular ones.

The other thing to wear with gloves is a mask. You can find lots of masks that protect your nose and mouth from dusts and harmful chemicals. These are very important because you never know what will happen in a strange environment or even at your own home when you clean it up for the first time.

Duct tape your shoes

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Another thing that you want to do is to duct tape or zip tie your shoe. It will give you extra protection if you accidentally step in some kind of liquid like urine. Lots of janitorial services want to make sure their employees are safe in the work environment. And it’s a good idea for the employees to keep themselves safe also.

Know where the exits are

Always know where the exit is when you enter a new environment. You want to make sure you have an easy way out in case of an emergency or something bad happens. If there is a situation, you need to be able to get out fast and call for help if needed.

The last thing you want to do is clean up a place, and then come down with some kind of illness or disease. If there is ever an emergency, make sure you know how to handle it. And as always, stay safe!