Getting Your Permanent Residency

By | September 3, 2021

When you move to Canada, you will be wondering how you can stay there permanently. Perhaps you came as a student, but now you have a job and you want to make this your home. The good news is that you can get permanent resident card in Vancouver, BC if you follow certain steps. Below are the best ways to get your permanent residency in Canada.

–  Apply directly from outside Canada

permanent resident card in Vancouver, BC

–  Get the immigration approval before moving to Canada

There are different immigration categories under which you can be approved for immigration. These include immigration as a skilled worker or entrepreneur, teacher and professor, live-in caregiver or business person who wants to set up a business in Canada, among others.

You must know that immigration requirements can vary depending on your case and it is you who will decide where you want to settle after visiting the immigration office or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You should also not forget that each immigration program has its own requirements. The system here is very streamlined so if you do everything right then eventually it will work out.

For example when asking about immigration for skilled worker in immigration, you will be required to have a job offer and a valid work permit. It should also be noted that your immigration application must be approved before you can move to Canada permanently.

The immigration office advises potential immigrants to apply from the country where they are currently living. This is because immigration officers here want to know more about applicants by asking them questions face-to-face rather than just reading their immigration file online which could make things easier for you. You should consider speaking with lawyers who understand immigration law so they can help you get through this part of the immigration process with ease.